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About Us

Receptionist-Jobs.US, a job board for Employers and Job Seekers to find the right candidates and right jobs. On Receptionist-Jobs.US Jobs are available across all the states of US. Thousands of jobs are available on our job board Candacy.us in all industry sectors within United States.

You are a student, fresh graduate or an Expert in your industry, Receptionist-Jobs.US is the place to support you for all your job hunting needs. If you are planning to take your career to next level; or just beginning your career Receptionist-Jobs.US provides opportunities for everyone.

Receptionist-Jobs.US is a project of TacBit Tech. TacBit Tech a next-gen technology company with a diverse portfolio of technology and online services. Providing innovative and next generation ‘Information Technology Solutions and Services’ with a superior quality of service, aligned with international implementation best practices which are adapted to the working environment for all types of organizations in USA, Asia & EMEA.